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Family owned and operated café offering specialty coffees, tea and other beverages.  

Our menu offers house baked goods, and an eclectic  menu with an array of sandwiches, soups, salads and more. 

Our concept began with a life long passion for a great cup of coffee and a taste for delicious, fresh and good quality food.

Having spent my early years in Central America  I developed a passion for food that brought  with it an extraordinary experience visually as well as to the pallet.  Spending 5 years in Miami I discovered that certain flavors brought joy and comfort in  a way that nothing else could.   Whether it was the flavor explosion in a bite of a warm Cuban  meat pie or an incomparable  real deal Cuban sandwich.  


At Frontier Perk our goal is to provide every guest with an exceptional experience.   We are devoted to delivering  freshly prepared meals so you savor every bite! 

carrot cake_edited.jpg Our popular carrot cake is rich and delicious.  Made with the finest ingredients.

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